Sierra McCool

Physical Information

Gender: Female

Basic Information

Occupation: Student

Relationship Information

Friends: Jennifer and Claudia
Enemies: Riley Daring

Production Information

Voiced by: Tara Strong

Sierra McCool is the popular girl at school, and is Riley's arch nemesis. She is constantly competing with Riley for the affections of Johnny Hitswell. In the second season, when Riley and Johnny become a couple, her crush on him persists, and her aim becomes to break them up so she can be Johnny's girlfriend. She has her own posse (Jennifer and Claudia) and a huge, conceited ego. She is seen to have another side in which, she is infatuated with a Star Trek parody mentioned, which Todd also likes. This forges a bond between the two, which doesn't last long when she becomes a cheerleader again. It is mentioned in the series finale that she gets her own Fleemtel Phone. She has light tan skin, freckles on her cheeks, long black hair in pigtails, and green eyes.


In both seasons 1 and 2, she wore a light red long-sleeved frock with scarlet red patterned stripes on it, and white boots.