Shelton Klutzberry

Shelton Klutzberry

Shelton Gunnar Klutzberry is the stereotypical nerd at school and one of Todd Daring's best friends. He is afraid of girls, and once had a relationship with Celebrity Starr, which was very uncomfortable for him as he was forced into the relationship by Riley Daring. He also has an imaginary girlfriend named Zelda (since an imaginary girlfriend is all that he can handle). He often thinks of himself as cool and calls everyone else nerds; sometimes he is actually cooler than Riley. He becomes very muscular and handsome when he takes his glasses off, but this is not to his advantage because he can't use contacts, and has to have heavy glasses (which causes him to appear weak and scrawny). He always seems to be where ever Todd and Riley are. He sometimes just wants to be part of the group. In one episode he is seen to have a giant pet tortoise. In another he and his entire family are revealed to be Jewish. His voice and mannerisms are greatly similar to the famous comedian Jerry Lewis's character from the movie "The Nutty Professor". When he speaks of characteristics or actions, he clarifies them by saying "with the" and adding a list of adjectives and effects (etc. "Victory is mine... with the winning, and the accomplishing, and the rubbing it in your face!"). When he gets hurt, he usually says "Hoigel!"

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