Buzz Winters is a wanna-be bully and is Todd Daring's arch nemesis. He usually makes corny jokes then laughs at them saying "Good one, Buzz!" and "I got to start writing these down!". Although he is normally a bully, especially towards Todd, in some episodes he has put their differences aside and even become friends with up. Deep down Buzz is jealous of Todd and Riley because their dad is cooler than his own. Buzz used to have the coolest dad in the neighborhood until Todd and Riley came along. On more than one account Buzz has been mistaken for a wild boar, although, both times, this was by Dingo McGee, on "Field Trippin'" and "Volcano Island". He also has a taste for crabgrass. Like Todd, Buzz hates school, and he has a habit of cheating. He has many secrets including his love of the theater, and what he calls his only two shames, small feet, and ice skating.