Physical Information

Age: 13 (Season One) (possibly)
13 (Season Two) (possibly)
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Black (#{{{eye_color}}})
Hair Color: Black (#{{{hair_color}}})

Basic Information

Occupation: Student at George Stapler Middle School
Interests: Fashion
Sierra McCool

Relationship Information

Friends: Riley Daring
Todd Daring
Shelton Klutzberry
Enemies: Sierra McCool

Production Information

First appearance: Todd Strikes Out/The Jerky Girls
Last appearance: A Tale of Two Rileys

Abbey is one of Riley Daring and Tasumi's best friends. She is seen as a snobby, rich, egotistical teenager who frequently shows obvious signs of envying Sierra for being more popular than she is, often complimenting her whenever Riley shows anger towards Sierra; however, no matter how greatly she wishes to be as cool as Sierra, she always sticks by Riley and Tasumi's side. She makes her first appearance in "The Jerky Girls" and her final appearance in "A Tale of Two Rileys".


In both season 1 and 2, Abbey wears a pink tank top that reveals her midriff, blue, green, pink, and white pants, and black shoes. She also wears a blue headband.

Looks Edit

Abbey is a girl of African American descent. Like other Black characters in the series, her lips are full. She wears a variety of hairstyles throughout the series.


  • With allowance for different art styles, Abbey bears a resemblance to Cleo Carter of Tutenstein.